Live Impex | customs clearing software | cargo tracking software


1. What is Live IMPEX?

2. How do I subscribe to Live Impex?

3. Can I use it from the office as well as from home?

4. What are the charges?

5. How many Branches can I create?

6. How many users can I add?

7. Is my data secured?

8. What happens to my data if I do not renew my subscription?

9. Can I file Bills of entry and Shipping bills online?

10. What about the messages received from ICEGATE?

11. Will I be able to print manual documents?

12. What will be the frequency of software & regulations updates?

13. Will I be able to exchange data with Visual IMPEX?

14. How do I provide the tracking facility to my customers?

15. Will I be able to provide Daily Status Reports (DSR) to my       clients?

16. Can I keep my customers updated?

17. Does Live Impex handle clearing of all modes of transport?

18. Are the various EXIM schemes covered?

19. Will training be provided for users?

20. What kind of after sales service will be provided?

Live Impex is a web based application that seamlessly integrates with Visual Impex, the most widely used Customs clearing solution in India.

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